The Color Crew is a show on the network BabyFirst, which is about a group of crayons who individually get "picked" by a hat to color in a picture.

Characters acts Edit

Whever a color gets the hat, they become the playable crayon. Each crayon goes The same way: They make a color, and then repeats it's name. Another crayon comes along with the "playable" crayon and watches while the crayon colors the parts of the picture that should be colored in that color. Soon, the color goes on and colors a part of the picture that should not be colored in that color. The other crayon blows a whistle and a stern looking eraser skids in and angrily erases the crayons mistake. Then, the second crayon colors in ots correct color, and all the other crayons run in and complete the picture with their colors.

Trivia Edit

  • The hat in Color Crew gives one crayon the ability to speak and color, but the only word it can say is it's own color
  • The hat always picks the fourth crayon from the left, and the second crayon to the right of that goes with it.