Darryl is a character from Mixels back in 2010 when it was a virtual world. He will be playable in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game. He is an antagonist.

He hates when someone calls him a girl because of his voice and his long eyelashes.

Bio Edit

He lived in a creepy website called Mixels until Flain was born and infected him and turned him into an actual Mixel. Same goes for everybody else in old mixels. Now all the creepy avatars are the mixels we know and love.

Character Acts Edit

All he does is say "HELLO! I'M A MIXEL! WHAT'S A MIXEL?! WELL, ME!" He has a creepy voice and girly eyelashes even though he is a guy. The Murps all hate him, as do all the other (LEGO/Cartoon Network) Mixels.

Final SmashEdit

He lands with an old mixel logo squash his opponents down when he's on the logo and he summons some other creepy "Mixels" from the 2010 virtual world to attack.


He is SO not a Mixel.