Margalo the Doppelganger of Ming-Ming

Doppelgangers do exist in this wikia

is a canary who strongly resembles Ming-Ming. The Wonder Pets really hate her for being a Sockpuppet (fake) to Ming-Ming. But the secret is that Ming-Ming is the Sockpuppet, not Margalo.

Character acts Edit

Margalo always starts off by flying away to get in her boyfriend's (Stuart Little's) car, and then she gets a bazooka and shoots everybody down.


P: Shoots an enemy with a bazooka

M: Runs over an enemy with her boyfriend's (Stuart Little's) car

L: Badmouths the Wonder Pets

Final SmashEdit


Margalo's Final Smash.

Margalo's final smash is VERY different from Ming-Ming's. What Margalo does is that she drops A NUKE! However it deals low damage and kills her.

How To Defeat MargaloEdit

Trap her in the Jewelry Box and then throw it off of the stage.

...Unless you wait for her to use her Final Smash.


  • She is responsible for nuking the Wonder Pets school. Which caused the Wonder Pets to retreat to a another school in which would become their new lair.
  • Despite looking very similar to Ming-Ming, Margalo has her own moveset.
  • The Wonder Pets' final smashes are guarantee to kill her every time.
  • She is the second most abused character in the series. Only Wordsworth gets abused more often.
  • She is from Stuart Little 2.