Nahgem Roniart is a creepy, floating, distorted Meghan Trainor head. She was created by Glomp's Distorted Floating Head to scare the heck out of --- and maybe even KILL --- Glomp.


She is the hardest character to unlock.

Boss ActsEdit

She maniacally laughs and shoots bass clef boomerangs out of her eyes.

Final SmashEdit

She pulls out a huge upright bass and plays it with her hair as she sings "All About That Bass." The music is so loud, that all the enemies scream, cover their ears, and die.

How to UnlockEdit

You must defeat Ao Oni Worm as Glomp's Distorted Floating Head. When you defeat Ao Oni Worm, you then see a ripoff of Guitar Hero appear on screen called "Bass Hero." It involves you playing an upright bass by pushing buttons in time to the intro of "All About That Bass." It is a ridiculously hard level. If you don't beat it with all 3 of your Bass Hero lives, NO NAHGEM RONIART FOR YOU.


  • She is uncontrollable, like a Murp.
  • She hates stick figures, silicone and Barbie dolls.
  • Her name is just Meghan Trainor's name backwards.
  • She is a boss in Super Smash Bros. WS.
  • Her lips are movin'.
  • She's all about that bass.
  • She is against magazine photoshop desptie the fact that she IS photoshopped, clearly.

Gallery of things Nahgem hatesEdit