Scampers is a playable character who will appear in the upcoming Super Smash Brothers game.


Character ActsEdit

He doesn't move. All he does is go "MEOW MEOW. MEOW MEOW. MEOW MEOW" constantly.


P: Eats a digital cupcake and goes "MEOW MEOW."

M: Does a little flip on his screen and goes "MEOW MEOW."

L: Eats some "boobleberries" (what he eats on the show) and goes "MEOW MEOW."

Special MovesEdit

P+F+F+T: Makes a little digital poop and goes "MEOW MEOW."

M+E+O+W: Goes "MEOW MEOW" non-stop.

Final SmashEdit

He turns into a ZOMBIE! In this form, he is now able to move. He goes from a character who sucks at fighting to one who rocks.
Scampers zombie

Scampers using his final smash.